Important Patient information – Practice updated from Monday 11th October 2021

Patient Information – Practice Update

The Rowhedge and University of Essex Medical Practice will be returning to a pre-pandemic appointment system with a range of telephone and face to face appointments.

Before booking an appointment the receptionist will be asking Covid related screening questions to ensure that no-one enters the building with Coronavirus type symptoms. Patients should not come down to the surgery if they have any Covid symptoms.

On line appointment booking is still available but this will remain as telephone consultations only.

The dispensary at Rowhedge will now be accessible from inside the building. The hallway is very narrow and therefore we do ask you to social distance where possible and to use the hand sanitiser on entering the building. Please do not enter the building if the hallway is full.

Our Rowhedge patients will be aware that the waiting room at Rowhedge is small and can only seat a few patients. If the waiting room is full you may need to wait outside. Priority will be given to those most in need

The dispensary will be open from 09:00 to 12:00 and then 14:00 until 18:30 Monday to Friday from Monday 11th October 2021.

Please note:

Face coverings must still be worn when attending the surgery unless you have a genuine medical reason for not doing so. The requirements for healthcare settings have not changed and these are in place to protect the many vulnerable patients who regularly attend the surgery, as well as practice staff.