University Health Centre

The Freshers’ week newsletter is available within Student Information.

You must be registered at the Health Centre in order to be seen by a doctor or receive treatment there.

The University Health Centre is based on the campus at the University of Essex.

It is the branch surgery of the Rowhedge Medical practice, and as such is staffed by the doctors who work at both practices. The Health Centre is staffed by a  full complement of receptionists, nurses, health care assistant and secretary and can cater for all primary care needs of the students.

For further details of services provide, student advice, registration session details and more please visit our Student Information.

Our nurses are very experienced at dealing with typical student problems, both medical and non-medical. They run a triage service from 9.30 – 12.00 and 1.30 – 3.30 each weekday. This allows any student who may feel that they need to be seen straight away to be assessed by one of our triage nurses who will then either manage the condition themselves, or refer on to the doctor with an appropriate appointment, either the same day or a few days later according to the clinical need.

We try to make our waiting room friendly and relaxing, with information boards with posters to read, practice newsletter and our “call board” which not only tells you when it is your turn to see the doctor or nurse, and which room to go to, but also updates you on our latest practice information.