There are four methods you can use to request repeat prescriptions

The Rowhedge Practice has a small dispensary which allows patients who live in Rowhedge and the surrounding villages to collect their medication directly from the surgery. There are rules which govern which patients we are allowed to dispense medication to. This is determined at national level and is decided according to whether you live within a designated rural area and live more than 1 mile as the crow flies from a pharmacy.

You must allow three working days for your medication to be ready for collection.

If you are a new patient who has not previously received medication from this practice you will need to be seen by a doctor before you can order repeat prescriptions.

University Students who are newly registered with the practice should contact the University Health Centre to check if their medication has been authorised before coming to collect their prescription. 

Change Of Address

Please let the practice know if you change your address. Failure to do so could lead to you being removed from the Practice List by the Health Authority

Bank Holidays

Please remember to put in your repeat prescription request early if you need your medication when a Bank Holiday is coming up.